19 October 2008

Where the hell is Matt?

I'm only the 11,040,653rd person to see this, so this might not be new to you. But my friend Jesse posted about Matt and his site wherethehellismatt.com recently and this was the first I heard about it. There is also an outtakes version that is humorous.

Scanning through the comments on the YouTube page reveals a few who think Matt "needs to get a job". I say that when you think about some of the other things he could be doing--starting wars, dismantling the economy, yelling "kill him, he's an arab!" at a Sarah Palin rally--traveling the world and dancing isn't such a bad choice. I think it is beautiful that he sees all these places and meets all these people who share his joy. And I am thankful that he has recorded it to share that joy with the rest of us. He has stripped away everything that makes us different and focused on what makes us the same--the joy in being alive. May we all approach life a little more like Matt.