26 August 2005

More from AU

I was scolded for my last email being too long, so I'll try to keep this one shorter. I forget that some of you have jobs and responsibilities. So sorry, it is easy to forget. Actually, I applied to teach last week, and got more information about that. There are three levels: casual (subs), temporary (long term subs), and permanent. I can't get a permanent job because I have a temporary visa. This will be OK, though, because it gives me the freedom to not work when I have the opportunity to travel with Heather, who already has a weekend conference in Melbourne scheduled for October, by the way. Temporary positions are for a minimum of four weeks, and can be extended until the end of the school year. So I have options. I am waiting on background checks to go through, then there is a twelve day course, including three days of workshops, and nine days in a school. After that, there are five days where I am basically student teaching again. The guy I talked to seemed excited about me, and in a hurry to get me in, so there is definite need here.
We moved into the apartment on Monday. So far, we have a bed, dining table, and a rug. Couches and dining chairs should be here in about two weeks, as should our shipment from the US. Still wrestling over that one, you don't even want to know what a pain that has been. Everything about the move has been very easy except that.
Guess I'll cut it off here for now. Can't keep Mary from grading those papers. We will wait to send pictures until we have all of our furnishings.

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