24 February 2009

Policy change on Cuba?

Two years ago, I shared my opinion on the failure and injustice of the Cuban embargo. Now it seems that someone in Congress, a Republican no less, agrees. Senator Richard Lugar (R-Indiana) has stated that "the current U.S. policy has many passionate defenders, and their criticism of the Castro regime is justified. Nevertheless, we must recognize the ineffectiveness of our current policy and deal with the Cuban regime in a way that enhances U.S. interests." Thank you, Senator: I couldn't have said it better myself.

Perhaps this will finally lead to an end of the embargo. With the UN again calling for it's end, Obama in the White House, and a leading Republican on board, maybe it is time. There is a lot going on in our country right now: I look forward to the embargo's end being part of that change.

21 February 2009

Australia's National Day of Mourning

You have probably heard about the bushfires in Australia this month, and have probably seen the above picture of the thirsty koala. Bushfires are always a problem in drought-stricken Australia, but this year has been even worse. To date, 209 people have been confirmed dead, to say nothing of the environmental damage.

All of this has prompted the Australian Government to declare February 22 a National Day of Mourning. A service will be held in Melbourne at 10:00am (6:00pm Eastern here) and will be available to watch online at the Brisbane Times website.

07 February 2009

Lucky Sevens: District of Columbia flag

This is the flag of Washington DC. A few years ago, however, there was talk of changing it slightly. Your Lucky Sevens question for February: What change was almost made to the DC flag?