11 October 2007

Not your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman

I just locked my balcony door.

We live on the ninth floor, so for the few months since we moved into this apartment, we figured it was OK to leave it unlocked.

We were wrong.

According to this article from the Sydney Morning Herald, there is a thief out there who likes climbing the outside of high rise buildings and entering apartments through the balcony. He has been linked to 16 different robberies.

Here's hoping that our locked door keeps us from being number 17.

07 October 2007

Lucky Sevens: The Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is being held in France right now. Unfortunately, Australia was knocked out by the English Saturday night. The USA didn't make it out of their pool, surprise, surprise. Word is they have a talented pool of young players ready to develop in the next ten years. I'll believe it when I see it. Later Saturday, New Zealand was also dismissed from the comp in their loss to host nation France. These two huge upsets leaves the door wide open for South Africa, looking for their second title.
Your Lucky Sevens question for the month: How many Rugby World Cup titles has Australia won?

03 October 2007

The mark

I got an assessment back in class Tuesday night—got a D on it. As I am sure you would understand, it kind of freaked me out. All kinds of thoughts ran through my head: Maybe I don't belong here, maybe a Master's degree isn't for me, is it too late to drop, etc.

Then I heard a person sitting near me asking another classmate about her D. The classmate replied that it was a D for Distinction, the second highest mark you can get.