12 December 2005

How we spent our Thanksgiving

A few weeks ago, Heather and I were faced with celebrating Thanksgiving in a country that doesn't recognize it. Heather had asked her co-workers if they had a Thanksgiving holiday at any time of the year, and the response was no. The reason: Despite the similarities in the founding of our two countries, there is one major difference. The US founding fathers came in search of freedom, while the AU founding fathers came in shackles. Nothing to be thankful for about that.
Anyway, we had decided to do nothing, since neither of us particularly care for traditional Thanksgiving food. But on Thursday, Heather got a little homesick as she was reading emails from friends detailing their holiday plans. So she came home with our plan: we would support American industries. We headed to Tony Roma's for dinner (babybacks!), then McDonald's for apple pie, then to the movie theatre, where we saw Tim Burton's Corpse Bride, an American film. I think a new tradition has been born.
Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well, and next year, consider the ribs.

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