04 November 2006

Sydney Uni Lions Update

It's been a while since I've updated you on the Sydney Uni Lions season. We are 7-1 after a 53-12 defeat of the Sutherland Seahawks last night. We play them again next week, then finish the regular season against the Outlaws, who we squeaked out a win against in Week 3. The Outlaws are also a potential first round playoff matchup. Our only loss was the the Pirates, and that one was avenged last week.
During our film session Tuesday night, Coach had us make a list of goals for the remainder of the season. Mine were:
1) Give up no catches.
2) Run support: give up no RAC, contain/make all tackles to my side of the field.
3) Create one turnover.
As of Saturday's game, I'm on track for all goals and have amended Goal 3: Create two turnovers. Late in the first half, the Seahawks drove down the field on us, mostly on ticky-tack calls against our D-line for late hits. With my back to the goal line, I picked off an underthrown pass and returned it about 15-20 yards. Offense ran out the clock to close the half. Can't wait for Tuesday's film session this week.
Click the Sydney Uni Gridiron link to check it out. Game summary should be up there soon.

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Anonymous said...

Way to go!!!! Congratulations on the interception.