14 May 2007

Railway reading: 9TO5

Things have been quiet around here, but I'm planning on making it all up this week. This is the first part of what should be a series running all week on the various magazines and handouts that are available each day at the train station.

Monday is 9TO5 day, geared to the ladies. Lots of shopping, gossip and pink. And horoscopes, of course.

Cover story: A one page interview with Avril Lavigne, who was in Sydney last week promoting her new album. Topics covered include her fashion style, career, married life and growing up a child star.

Feature: An article on the dangers of plastic surgery. Specifically, a young woman who tried to do it cheap in Thailand. 9TO5 advice: 'Avoid cut-price sales.'

Fitness: Reducing your real age: eat a good breakfast, eat honey, eat foods with healthy unsaturated fats.

What's hot: Designer gumboots, pomegranates and 'design your own superhero undies' (Bonds, if your interested).

What's not: Men's handbags, Paris Hilton trying to avoid jail and athlete salaries.

Also included: Celeb fashion, socials and travel. All equally shallow.

Pages: 55

Rating: One train.

Good thing I'm not in their target audience.

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