17 July 2007

Plan B is in effect

Heather and I had planned on going back to Dallas for Christmas this year then taking a trip through South America, visiting Mexico City, Machu Picchu and Rio de Janeiro. However, after talking with a travel agent last Friday, we have come to the realisation that that is economically prohibitive. We'll have to save that trip for when we are living in the US again. In the meantime, we have come up with a pretty nice Plan B. Four words: around the world tickets.

From Dallas, we will travel to London, which has been on my list for ten years. Then it is off to Delhi, India, Heather's hot spot of the moment. From there, we will see Bangkok, Thailand. Three stops, three very different experiences. Not too shabby for a back up plan, and it's all because it is cheaper to fly around the world than it is to fly around South America. In fact, it's cheaper to fly around the world than it is to fly to Dallas and back. Airlines are crazy like that.

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