06 September 2007

Lucky Sevens: APEC

Sydney is in lockdown because of APEC this weekend. Heather and I, along with everyone else who works in the city, got a holiday today in an attempt to clear some traffic out of the city. This month's Lucky Sevens question: What does APEC stand for?


Anonymous said...

It's almost unfair, maybe I shouldn't , but anyway - Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. Retirement has it's benefits.

Chris said...

Correct. For those keeping score, that's Dad-3, World-O.
I would hope that answering Lucky Sevens questions would be a ways down the perks of retirement list.

Clint Kirby said...

I loved Life of Pi. Have you read it? It had a little bit of a Sixth Sense ending but I thought the point was valid.

Chris said...

Read it a couple years ago. Fantastic--I recommend it to all.
I just started The Kite Runner, which reminds me of Pi in a few ways. Anyone read it?