11 October 2007

Not your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman

I just locked my balcony door.

We live on the ninth floor, so for the few months since we moved into this apartment, we figured it was OK to leave it unlocked.

We were wrong.

According to this article from the Sydney Morning Herald, there is a thief out there who likes climbing the outside of high rise buildings and entering apartments through the balcony. He has been linked to 16 different robberies.

Here's hoping that our locked door keeps us from being number 17.


Anonymous said...

Any word on the webbed crime lover?
At least I would think that the big screen tv is safe.


Trinity said...

how does he carry the stuff he steals back down the sides of buildings? not looking for tips necessarily...just curious.
-jonathan williams

Chris said...

The article says that he takes portable items such as laptops and jewelry. I'm guessing he isn't taking anything that he can't fit into a backpack.
Also, Heather said that one of her co-workers was recently robbed. I don't think it was the same guy, because she said there are a few people in her same building who were all victims. Makes me think that it is someone local, maybe even a resident of the building, who is sneaking around at night, accessing apartments by balcony. The only think he stole from her was cash. Nothing bulky to carry, nothing easy to trace and not enough cash to necessarily warrant a police report. This guy is looking for a little spending money without trying to attract too much attention.