28 June 2008


The Taj Mahal is, without question, the most impressive structure I have ever seen. The combination of size and craftsmanship are astounding, especially considering it was built nearly four hundred years ago.

In this picture you can get a bit of an idea about the craftsmanship. This inlay work is quite impressive, especially when viewed up close. Although the Taj appears completely white from a distance, in reality a fair bit of it is covered with detailed work like this.

This was a popular spot to take a picture--it is a bit elevated from the surrounding area and is front and centre of the Taj Mahal, plus you get a nice reflection in the pool. Because it is so popular, there is quite a line to get the picture, so we had to wait our turn. But the end result was worth it.

Everyone was taking pictures as if they were holding up the Taj. When we first got there, Heather and I laughed at the silly tourists. Before we left, however, Heather decided she wanted to dangle the Taj, too. Hey, it's not like everyone couldn't tell we were tourists anyway.

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Heather said...

Has anyone noticed I have the same shirt/sweater/jeans on in every picture? Live for 5 weeks out of a backpack and choices have to be made. That was a tactical decision that paid off when I got to Thailand.