07 September 2008

Lucky Sevens: The Green and Gold

Last month, everyone had their eye on the Beijing Olympics. At the time,
I got a question from a friend that I will now pass on to you for this month's Lucky Sevens question: Australia's flag is red, white and blue. So why do all Australian national sporting teams (further examples: rugby, cricket, lawn bowls--yeah, that's right, lawn bowls) wear the iconic 'The Green and Gold'? Bonus points will be awarded for identifying the athlete pictured here and his event.


Anonymous said...

It is widely believed that these colors are the dominant colors of the Australia's floral symbol, the Golden Wattle. In 1984, Sir Ninian Stephen, Gov. Gen. of Au, proclaimed them their national colors.


Chris said...

The Lucky Sevens question is answered, but the bonus question is still out there waiting.

Anonymous said...

Obviously that is the great Steve Hooker, then incredible Australian Pole Valuter.

Any one knows that!


Chris said...

Bonus points go to Brian. Steve Hooker won the gold and set an Olympic record in the pole vault in Beijing.