07 June 2009

Lucky Sevens: Jaromir Jagr

Heather and I are planning a trip in August to Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. We (more she than me at the moment) have been researching that part of Europe recently, and decided to make that this month's Lucky Sevens.

Jaromir Jagr is a hockey player from the Czech Republic. He is best known for his years in Pittsburgh, but he also spent time with the Rangers and a few years here in DC with the Capitals. He currently plays in Russia. Throughout his career, he has worn the number 68, as pictured above in his Czech Republic uniform. Your Lucky Sevens question for June: What is the significance of this number?


Anonymous said...

1968 was the year of the Prague Spring rebellion, and it was also the year that his grandfather died in prison.

Jim Bouman said...

Dad is right.

Also true: You gotta get up really early to beat Dad to the punch.

Chris said...

Dad wins again. The Prague Spring was a period of bringing democracy and freedoms to Czechoslovakia, squelched by the Soviet Union when they invaded to maintain their control of the country.

And Jim: You don't have to get up really early to beat Dad--you have to stay up really late.

Anonymous said...

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