12 October 2005


This week's pictures are from our bush walk in the Blue Mountains. We had a great time. In about four hours of walking, covering two connecting trails, we walked along cliff tops, in the depths of the canyon, hopped rocks in a stream, and hiked through a rainforest. It was quite a variety. Hope you enjoy.

In the first picture, I am standing in front of the canyon, which was very different than I expected. Other than the sheer walls of the canyon, it is all green.

Heather being scared. She says this reminds her of when her family went to the Grand Canyon, and she held blades of grass for security. That is a cute story and all, until last week she mentioned she was FOURTEEN! I have heard that a picture exists documenting this scene, and I would love to see it, if a Bowles would dig it up and send a copy of it to me.

Heather out on the trail, standing over a river, which six meters (twenty feet for you Yanks) behind her becomes…

Bridal Veil waterfall. This was taken from a lookout point a few minutes further up the trail.

Ant mound. Watch your toes!

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