04 October 2005

Harbour pictures

Here are a few pictures of the Harbour that Heather and I have taken here. In the next weeks, I'll send some more pictures of different things we have seen or done here.

1) Harbour Bridge and bird-This was taken from the Circular Quay ferry docks.

2) Sydney Opera House-Taken from the ferry going to Taronga Zoo.

3) Harbour Bridge and Opera House-There is an excellent view of the Harbour from a point right outside of the Botanic Gardens. Lots of other interesting things in the Gardens-more on that next week.

4) Harbour Bridge, Opera House, and Heather-Same place as previous picture. Great place to go and watch the sunset.

5) Harbour Bridge, Opera House up close-look at the bumps on top of the bridge, directly under the flags. Those bumps are people on the Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk.

We really enjoy going down to the Harbour and the Botanic Gardens. Other than the sights, there are great restaurants, interesting animals, and beautiful flowers and plants. There seems to always be an exhibit or show in the Gardens to catch. It is very easy to forget that this is all in the middle of a city. There is no street noise, only birds and crashing waves. Overall, this is probably our favorite place to go in the city.

More to come next week. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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