16 January 2006

Questions posed to an American at Canterbury Boys High School

As promised in early December, I have a list of questions I was frequently asked by students at CBHS. Before that, I want to draw attention to the photo. Please note my official locker room Longhorn National Championship shirt (courtesy Paul and Marty) and my double Matthew McConaughey reverse hook 'em. And the tan (courtesy Coogee Beach). I did get to watch the game, but in the company of fifteen USC fans. Good thing Texas won, or it could have been ugly. It was nice to talk football with people who understand the language. Now on to the questions.

Questions Posed to an American at Canterbury Boys High School
  1. Are you American? Yes
  2. Are you British? No
  3. Where are you from in America? Texas
  4. Is America better than here? Pros and cons
  5. Do you have a horse? No
  6. Do you have a cowboy hat? Yes, a blue one with a silver sequin band (go the Mavs!)
  7. Do you have a gun? No
  8. Can you say "aluminum"? ah-LOO-mi-num to their AL-you-min-ee-um
  9. Can I call you Captain America? Uh, no.
  10. Can I call you Captain America if I see you outside of school? Still no.
  11. Do you watch wrestling? No
  12. Do you know Stone Cold [Steve Austin]? Personally? No
  13. What celebrities do you know? Because, you know, they're everywhere in America, and they all want to be my friend.
  14. What NFL team do you go for? Go the Cowboys!
  15. Are there gangs in America? Yes
  16. Have you ever been mugged? No
  17. Is The Texas Chain Saw Massacre real? Loosely inspired


JHowe said...

Funny questions from your students. One of the entertainers on the cruise was from Australia. He kept saying, "Everyboy say 'Ye-hawwww!'" He drove me crazy. Clearly, they think all Americans are cowboys. I reckon' I'll keep driving my minivan though since Old Buck's horseshoe's not fittin' quite right these days!!
My students are blogging too. www.dfms.blogspot.com I'd like to say you'll be impressed -- probably not though. Will keeping checking in. Jo

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