27 January 2006

White Stripes Concert

My birthday was nearly two months ago, but Wednesday night I received my gift. Heather had given me tickets to the White Stripes concert back in December, but I had to wait until now for the show.
There were a lot of people following Jack and Meg's lead wearing red, white, and black at the show. That's the Stripes gig, and is OK for them, but kind of sad for the fans, especially when you are wearing a black fedora, red shirt, white tie, and painted-on tight white pants. And let's not forget the grandmotherly lady wearing a t-shirt that read "ASSASSIN" across her back. My personal unintentional concert humor was wearing my Freebird's World Burrito shirt. Another entertaining event was the stairs. Only every other one was lit. Heather and I were sitting on the aisle, and watched nearly everybody take a high step over a flat seam, then trip over the first unlit step. Heather laughed every time, and I kept hoping someone's drink wouldn't end up on me when they pitched forward. Thankfully, I left the concert dry.
On to the bands. The opening act was the Situations, an Aussie band. Eh. Seemed more interested in finding new ways to blow fuses.
Next was the Greenhornes. If you like your British Invasion (via Cincinnati) with a twist of Cobain guitar solo, then check out the Greenhornes. Not too bad. And they are a trio--got to respect that. If you are a fan of Loretta Lynn's Van Lear Rose (produced by Jack White), you have already heard their drummer and bassist.
Finally the White Stripes took the stage, and they were excellent as always. Jack is definitely ADD, but he does a great, high energy live show. If you haven't plugged into the Stripes yet, you're missing out on some great music.

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