02 June 2006

Iron Chef

Heather and I saw a guy making
sushi rolls on an Australian cooking show a few weeks ago, so Friday night I thought I'd give it a try. I got a sushi mat and the proper ingredients and had myself a cultural experience. I went with rice, carrot, cucumber and salmon. I cooked most of the salmon because raw fish isn't my favorite. I did leave a third of it raw. If your going to eat raw fish, salmon is definitely the way to go.
The verdict? I thought I had a nice presentation. The roll actually came out round, the stuffings were contained in the middle, and it sliced cleanly. Probably a little too much rice and not enough salmon. But it was pretty good. I'd do it again. I need to look around and find a place that sells eel--that's good stuff. Most of all, it was fun (and easy) to make. I think I've got a new item to add to the dinner menu.

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