03 June 2006

Mavs win

What an exciting game--and that was just watching the scoreboard on espn.com. I can't imagine what it was actually like to see on a real live TV. One benefit of watching the score on the internet--I was the first person to vote in ESPNation's Finals poll. Mavs-1, Heat-0. I should have taken a screenshot because two minutes later there were 2000 votes--and the Heat led with 51%.
My prediction for the Finals? Mavs in six. Just when everyone figures out the Mavs can play some defense, they are going to show they can still run, too. Shaq and the Heat's lack of depth out are going to get run out of the gym.
Either way, the NBA will have a new champion. This will be the first time since 1986 the champs have NOT been from San Antonio, Detroit, LA, Chicago, or Houston. If you add Boston and Philly to the list, you can go back to 1979. And if it wasn't for the MJ Baseball Experiment, Houston could be dropped from the list. A new era has begun?

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