11 January 2007

Bawley Point

When we left Melbourne, we had a long drive up the coast ahead of us. Our destination was Bawley Point NSW. It was an interesting drive, twisting and turning through the mountains and up the coastline. We were pretty tired when we finally reached The Bawley, our Bed and Breakfast. I am pleased to highly recommend it: the rooms, the atmosphere and the breakfasts were all wonderful.
We spent New Year's Eve at Pebbley Beach. We went in the afternoon to relax on the beach, reading a little and collecting shells and pebbles. After a short nap back at the Bawley, we returned to Pebbley to watch the kangaroos come out at dusk. The first one we saw hopped right up to Heather to see if she had
anything to snack on in her towel (she didn't). We counted at least twenty-five grey kangaroos grazing in the grass. We really enjoyed just sitting there watching them, but there were others out there who weren't content with just watching.
The first was a group of kids
who kept running around and petting them. Many of the kangaroos ignored them, but if the kids got a little rough or surrounded one a little too tight, they would hop away. The kids would then, of course, chase after them. Before the kids got there, the kangaroos were staying relatively still, grazing in
one place. After their arrival, however, they were constantly on the move, trying to stay one hop ahead.
At least the kids were relatively harmless, if annoying. An adult couple out at the beach had no such excuse. There were signs everywhere warning against feeding the kangaroos because it is unhealthy and makes them agressive. Despite the signs, this couple was feeding them potato chips. Greasy potato chips! Justice was served, however. A kangaroo hopped up to them and stuck his nose in their bag. The man tried to wave him away, but the 'roo would not be denied. The man had to stand up to ward him off, and the couple quickly left. Heather says that the kangaroo then attacked me, but he really just hopped over to see what I had in my hands (a camera and towel). But the point is well made: he likely wouldn't have approached me like that if this couple and others like them didn't feed the animals.
Here is a video clip we took of a few of the kangaroos grazing. Notice how Kanga gets a little aggressive with the other kangaroo to protect her joey. I like the little hand fake she throws in.

We watched the Sydney Harbour NYE fireworks that night, then got up the next day and drove back to Sydney. We had a great week seeing more of the country and we are looking forward to our next trip.
But there is still one more thing to share from this trip: koala thumbs up.

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