12 January 2007

Koala thumbs up

When we arrived at Waves on Christmas day, we turned on the TV and saw the Wiggles. It wasn't their show, but rather a commercial promoting Save the Koala. And they kept saying 'koala thumbs up!' while holding up their thumb and pointer (index finger), since koalas have, well, two thumbs. So that became the official seal of approval for our holiday. See something you like? Koala thumbs up! It was our week-long running joke, 100 percent Australian, now available for your enjoyment.

Heather at the Twelve Apostles. Yes, it was that cold, even though it's summer.

Heather and koala. This was taken on the roadside on the Great Ocean Road between Port Campbell and Melbourne.

Heather and wombat, Wildlife Wonderland.

Heather feeding kangaroos at Wildlife Wonderland. Her koala thumbs are a little busy warding off the flies.

Heather with creepy giant koala. This was taken at the koala reserve on Phillip Island.

Koala thumbs and little penguin, Seal Rocks.

Me at seal rocks. This was the only incident of the koala thumbs down. I was really bummed about the seals.

Heather and curious kangaroo, Bawley Point.

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michelle b. said...

this makes me laugh!...