07 March 2007

Google Maps

On 26 January, Sydney celebrated Australia Day with Google Maps. On that day, Google flew an announced plane over parts of Sydney, encouraging people to get out and get creative. I decided to take advantage of the opportunity by getting a little pub for LR. The new and improved images went online last week. The image you see above is just south of the Opera House, and it's where I staked by banner at the announced time.
Unfortunately, I never saw the Google plane. Apparently there was a problem with getting clearance for the low altitude flight. The plane took off three hours late. By the time the plane got near the Opera House, I was long gone, as you can see in the map. The picture below was taken on an Aussie Rules oval at Moore Park, my stop earlier in the day, also missed by the Google plane.
You can read more about it at this Sydney Morning Herald article.


patrick said...

Too bad you missed out on this. That would have been pretty cool to show all my friends my favorite website about Australia by using Google Earth.

michelle b. said...

dang, that was an awesome plan.