01 March 2007

Celebrity encounter

I had a celebrity encounter as I was running through Hyde Park today. I'm training for the Great Ocean Road Marathon and had to cover seven miles. I was about five and a half into it when I saw someone ahead of me wearing a maroon velvet jacket with some posterboard tucked under his arm. It took me a second to realise who it was: Free Hugs Guy.
I ran past him, beating myself up for not having my camera phone on me. I saw him around Pitt Street Mall a few times before he hit the news last September, but not once since. I decided this was an opportunity not to be missed, and turned around.

Me: I'm sweaty. How about a handshake?
Free Hugs Guy: I'll give you a hug.
Me (hugging Free Hugs Guy): Awesome.
Free Hugs Guy: Thanks.
Me: Keep up the good work.

And I've got to say, I was starting to wear down a bit. But after my free hug, I finished my last mile and a half really strong. Thanks, Free Hugs Guy!

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