07 December 2007

Lucky Sevens: Election Day

Two weeks ago was election day, and George Bush's little buddy, John Howard, and his Liberal government were voted out. Note that 'Liberal' is not used in the normal American sense, but rather refers to the Liberal Party of Australian, who are politically similar to the Republicans. Kevin Rudd, leader of the Australian Labor Party, is the new Prime Minister.

Rudd kept a campaign promise and signed an international convention, leaving the US as the only industrialised nation in the world to not ratify the agreement. Your Lucky Sevens question: What is the international convention ratified by Rudd and the new Labor government this week?


Anonymous said...

I believe that would be the Kyoto Protocol. Think I will stop without any editorial comments today.

Chris said...

Correct, you're back on the scoreboard.

But I would love to hear your editorial.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone!

I am Taiga and I am in Aberdeen , Scotland.

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It also gives the opportunity to see how your neighbours are performing next door and hopefully shame them or you into making a bigger effort to become more efficient.

You can even see overall summary of a country's footprint against another so may have a chance of getting the USA and China shamed into taking more action!!

They will be also introducing free eco- prizes ie such as solar panels to help in the fight at no cost to anyone but themselves.