17 April 2008

Detention Hall

If you were watching ESPN earlier this week you might have seen some Australian Rules Football news. In last week's match between the Sydney Swans and the West Coast Eagles, Barry Hall sucker punched Brent Staker, giving him a mild concussion in the single punch to the jaw.

On Tuesday, the tribunal handed down a seven game suspension for the hit, nearly a third of the season schedule. But the suspension is really irrelevant since Hall injured his wrist on another play. The injury will keep him out for the next eight weeks. Conspiracy theorists across the AFL are raising their eyebrows at the timing of that. It's hard to see in this video, but he slammed his head into the iron bar on the same play.

It's not a very popular opinion in Sydney, but I think Hall is overrated. He always seems to have trouble finishing a play, and very often complains about other players yet pulls stunts like this all too often.

Of course, no one cares what I think, but his coach seems a little put out with it now, too. When I read this article, I couldn't help thinking that Roos is getting a bit tired of Barry's act. And perhaps Barry himself is finally admitting there is a problem: according to the news today, he is seeing a psychiatrist to help him figure out why snapped.

With the 107-45 win, the Swans are 3-1 for the season. Hopefully by the time Hall returns at midseason, they will still be near the top of the ladder.

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