07 April 2008

Lucky Sevens: Kevin Rudd

Last week, leaders from the NATO countries met in Bucharest. On the table, among other things, was Afghanistan and a discussion about the NATO missile defense system. Russia's outgoing president Vladimir Putin even made a visit to discuss the system and NATO's expansion into eastern Europe.

Among the attendees was Kevin Rudd, Australia's Prime Minister, participating in his first NATO summit. However, things were not smooth as; Rudd was taken to task last week by the Australian media. You're Lucky Sevens question for April: What did he do to make the media back home mad as a cut snake?

Check out the video below to see the offense.


Andrew said...

Australia's prime minister came under fire at home Friday over a playful salute he gave President Bush at a NATO summit, which critics said seemed to suggest Australian subservience to Washington.

Chris said...

That is correct, Andrew. Guess Sam slept in today.

Anonymous said...

Two things - post was late or early or something, and Sam is basking in his back to back. Did you know signing autographs takes a lot of time?


Karen said...

I give up. Some people just have responsibilities.

TT said...

Hi there! First time reader here... I found your blog through a post on another blog. Looks like you and I come from a similar area of the US and have been in Oz a similar length of time. Sounds like you're enjoying yourself! Would love to know what brought you here, are you staying permanently?

Anyway, yeah, the media had a field day with that one didn't they?