08 August 2008

Lucky Sevens (Late again): Australia/New Zealand Rugby

Once again, I must beg for your apologies for being a day late. Perhaps I should consider just renaming this "Lucky Eights" so I'd be on time.

Two weeks ago, Heather and I attended an event that we have waited three years for: the rugby union test between the Wallabies and the All Blacks. The last time they played in Sydney was in 2005, one week after we arrived here. Needless to say, we have anticipated this event for quite a while.

Not only is this a great rivalry between neighbours, it is also some of the best rugby played in the world. Include South Africa, a fellow competitor in the Tri-Nations Series, and you have the top three sides in the International Rugby Board World Rankings. There is talk of Argentina joining the Tri-Nations in the next few years. Guess what? They are ranked number four.

I'll give a full report in the next few days, but for now, here is your Lucky Sevens question for August: As stated Australia, New Zealand and South Africa compete in the Tri-Nations Series. But within that, what special prize do the Wallabies and All Blacks complete for in their annual rugby union test series?


Anonymous said...

The Bledisloe Cup is awarded to the winner.

Chris said...

We have a winner. The Bledisloe Cup is the largest rugby trophy in the world. Here's a picture of the cup for comparison--the Tri Nations trophy is on the left, Bledisloe on the right.