18 July 2008

2008 City2Surf and Oxfam Australia

If you are in my email address book, you probably already got this, but the 2008 Sun-Herald City2Surf is in less than a month. This will be my third time to run it. Each time, I have improved my time, and more importantly, moved up in group. They have four starting groups: Red, Green, Blue and Yellow. This is a really big deal when you have over 60,000 participants. My time last year qualifies me for the Green starting group, and gives me a shot at beating 75 minutes, which would qualify me for next year's Red group. That's my goal.

I have a more important goal, however. City2Surf added a feature allowing runners to raise money for a selected charity. Last year, with the help of friends and family, I raised $365 for UNICEF.

This year, I have chosen to run for Oxfam Australia, an organisation that works to relieve poverty around the world. As I have studied development over the past year, I have looked at many aspects of developing countries, including human rights, peace and conflict situations, and the environment. But the issue that has inspired me the most is poverty. I recognise that most of what I have today is due to the fortunate circumstances surrounding my birth, and that I am not a better or more worthy person than the billions that are living in extreme poverty around the world today.

My goal is to double last year's donations, so I have targeted $730. If you would like to help, please go to my donation page and consider a small gift to this worthy cause. I believe that we really can end poverty in the world if we so choose. Let's make it happen.

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