09 December 2008

Lucky Sevens (late): Independence Hall

I told you a few days ago how Heather and I went to Philadelphia on Saturday for my birthday, visiting Independence Hall, the site of the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. The painting pictured above hangs there, depicting one of the signings. Your Lucky Sevens question: which signing is depicted, and what in the painting gives away the answer?


Anonymous said...

My guess is the signing of the Constitution for 2 reasons..
I think that I can count 39 people in picture, which is the number that signed the Constitution, and
I believe that George W. is standing behind table, and he didn't sing the Declaration of Independence.


Chris said...

That is correct. Did you learn that on the tour as well?

By the way, in addition to not singing the Declaration of Independence, he didn't sign it either.