02 December 2008

Ornaments: Yellow rose/boot and fishing lure

After our Mexican-style Thanksgiving dinner, a hit or miss affair but fun nonetheless, Heather and I put up or Christmas tree. Over the years, she has collected glass ornaments, but because we have been overseas, she has never had all of her ornaments, about 120 total, in one place. That makes this the first year that we have had a full tree, although she says we still need 120 more. Our collection is quite eclectic, ranging from the bizarre to the sentimental. We have had a few adventures getting these, including a recent trip to Neiman Marcus, where we were surprised to learn that they only accept cash, check, NM card or American Express. No Visa, no MasterCard. What can I say: we aren't frequent shoppers and Neiman's. I'll share one a day with you until Christmas, but because I missed starting this yesterday, you get two today.

The first is a reminder of where we came from: a cowboy boot filled with yellow roses. This is one that Heather and her mom found four or five years ago. Note the golf ball next to it--that one's from Neiman's, paid for with cash.

This one Heather bought a couple months ago and was new to me, but it immediately became my favorite. I like the ones that are a bit silly, and a big glass fishing lure fits the bill there.

Check back daily for more.

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