27 March 2006

Elizabeth House

Heather and I went to Hyde Park for a run, and on the way back I saw Elizabeth House, a residential facility, which reminded me of a previously untold tale concerning my job search here.
After I completed my Overseas Trained Teacher program, I had an exit interview with the Department of Education. As I was taking a seat, my interviewer mentioned that I lived in Surry Hills, and that he visited there frequently. Here is a transcript of the rest of the conversation:

Me (politely): Really? Jazz clubs?
Interviewer: No, my stepson lives there, at Elizabeth House.
Me (conversationally): Oh, that's nice.
Interviewer: Do you know what Elizabeth House is?
Me (ignorantly): Uh, no.
Interviewer: It's a drug rehabilitation facility.
Me (stupidly): . . .

Now, Heather says this was not my fault and I was just making conversation. I say I'm lucky to have a job.

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