13 March 2006

Shelly Beach

If you read Heather's comment
on "Quarantine Station" you already know what I'm going to write here. After we left the QS, we went to Shelly Beach, so named because it is not made of sand, but rather fragments of shells. Heather likes to go there and search for good shells and sea glass, pieces of glass that have been frosted from being worn down in the ocean. We found a few good pieces, but the prize this trip was the shark tooth I found, pictured here. It's about three quarters of an inch long, and appears to be from a nurse shark or some similar species. Now if I could only find a great white tooth...

1 comment:

Karen said...

Cole asked if that was the tail to the kangaroo you ate! (Then he asked if it was a shark tooth.) He's reading this as I write. Mollie just punched me in the arm because I ate two chips off her plate that apparently she was saving. She said they were her two crumbs. Don't worry, she is making more crumbs now.

Hope you are having fun!