18 March 2006

North American Sports Thoughts

Thirty two games down, and I am my typical .750. Good picks on #12 Texas A&M and #11 George Mason, but lost with #3 Iowa, and #4 Kansas has killed me into the Elite Eight. For the record, I've picked Texas to lose to Duke in the Atlanta regional finals, so that means they will lose one round earlier (to #6 West Virginia?)--I always pick them one round too far.
And by the way, is it just me being half way around the world, or was this a tough bracket to pick this year? No one is great--no team, no player. If Redick is the best player, I hope your favorite NBA team isn't desperate for draft help. I can see everyone losing this tournament. Is there a way they can all eliminate each other?
On to the World Baseball Classic. Not too terribly upset the USA lost, just like I wasn't upset by the US losing hockey at the Olympics or US basketball losing two years ago. I don't have a problem with pros playing because our pros can be beat. I'm tired of our athletes, and the organizations putting these teams together, thinking they can have two days of meetings, show up for the games, and collect medals. Enough already. Get organized. Practice. Put together a real team, not an all star roster. US Basketball seems to have figured this out--three year commitments and a real team atmosphere.
Finally, the rumour mill has Terell Owens in Dallas. I'm not against this, but I don't think he's the final piece, either. Everyone acknowledges he'll be trouble eventually, but it is also assumed he'll get you over the top for the short term. When has this ever been true? When has he won a Super Bowl? And I don't think it would be a good idea for him to run to the star at midfield, even if he is a Cowboy--too many hard feelings there.

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