22 April 2006


I played golf yesterday for the first time in nearly nine months, and it was good. I shot 87, but there are a few disclaimers, both pro and con, to mention:
1) Par was only 68, not 72.
2) I fudged a little on the front nine (+7)--hit a second ball a few times if I didn't like my shot. Back nine was legit (+12).
1) I used hired clubs. It was your standard set: D, 3, 4, 6, 8, W, BP (Bent Putter). I refused to hit the driver given that it had a dent in it, and the 4 iron was failing me by the end of the front nine. I played the entire back nine (including three par 5s) hitting nothing longer than a 6 iron off the tee.
2) Did I mention I haven't played in nine months?
All in all, I was rather pleased with how I played. It was certainly very relaxing. I can't wait to get my clubs here and play more. No one would mistake my bag with a PGA pro's, but at least I have a complete set and a straight putter. Plus I won't have to pay for a hired set, so that money can be applied for green fees at a nicer course--I'm thinking something with an ocean view.
Finally, I saw something that reinforces my thought that you should always carry a camera with you. Outside the train station was a Vietnamese pho restaurant (pronounced "fur?") that has adopted the Houston Texans' bull logo with two changes:
1) Instead of blue/red, substitute black/red.
2) Instead of a star "eye", substitute a chicken.
If I'm out that way again, I'll be sure to get a picture for you.

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