23 April 2006

Random thoughts that probably aren't significant enough to warrant their own post but are still worth mentioning

Some of you have been waiting for a kangaroo photo, so here you go. I took this one myself.*

The Mavericks are better, but still can't consistently beat the best teams. Winning a seven game series against the Spurs or the Pistons will be tough. And will the NBA fix the playoff seeding mess during the offseason? Did the BCS have input in the current plan?

Heather and I watched a Bollywood movie on TV a few weeks ago called Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India. Classic underdog story--get down to Blockbuster and check it out.

One night last week I heard rustling in the tree directly off my balcony. It was a flying fox--yeah, the ones that I posted about previously. Standing on the balcony, I was three metres away from this thing.

I got a step down transformer last week so I finally have my Xbox up and running. I finished Splinter Cell a few days ago, which will make Heather happy because she doesn't like the "scary" music. Now I have a new game to play: Rugby 06. Review forthcoming.

Heather and I were in Mooks and I saw these retro threadbare tshirts that had been cut down the middle and sewn back together in a mismatched harliquin sort of way. I flipped through them to see what shirts they had used. I saw half of a purple Vikings, White Sox, some mom and pop restaurants. Then I saw a City of Columbia Parks & Rec tshirt--yeah, that Columbia. Even had the Cola "bridge" logo. So how much for this piece of nostalgia? Ninety bones.

*Well, actually...this is a picture of a picture. Right now there is a big exhibit at Hyde Park of these large prints of photos from Australian history.

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