07 April 2006

Runnin' Time

On Monday, I registered for the Sydney Morning Herald Half Marathon, and today I finally found out that I'm in. That's a pretty big deal because they limit entry to 5000, so it won't be anything like 42,000 trying to get over the Cooper River Bridge. (Saw your results, Kerry--thought you weren't going back. How's the new bridge?) This is a race I have wanted to run since I heard about it a year ago. The race is May 21, and I have already been training for four weeks. The website has a map of the course, but basically it runs though the harbour area of downtown and the Royal Botanic Gardens, home of the flying fox mentioned several months ago. My last few training runs have been through the Gardens and around the Opera House. It's nice living in a place that a local run takes in world famous icons. As for my conditioning, I'm feeling pretty good. I'm up to six miles on my program, and still have six weeks to go. My goal is two hours--I'll let you know how I finish.
Next year I hope to run the Great Ocean Road Half Marathon, or possibly the full marathon if I'm crazy enough. It is run the same weekend as the SMH, and follows the road along the ocean outside of Melbourne. It is supposed to be gorgeous, too much so to drive--hard to keep your eyes on the road. Just right for a run, though.

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Kerry said...

The Ravenel is awesome. Much better race than last year and I only elbowed one walker. Still a ton of people but at least I didn't have to run on the edge of the bridge. Good luck with your training!!! I'm taking a break for now.