21 August 2006

Aboriginal story time

Two parts to today's post, both regarding Aboriginal story time.
First, the Three Sisters. I told you a few posts earlier about our trip to see them, but just now realised I never told you why they are called the three sisters. Aboriginal legend has it that three sisters from one band fell in love with three brothers from another. However, the men in their group would not allow them to leave and marry the brothers. These men attempted to take the sisters by force and were fought off. During the battle, the medicine man turned the three sisters into a rock formation for safety, with the intention of changing them back after the danger had passed. Unfortunately, he was killed during the battle, and the Three Sisters have remained to this day.
The second part of today's post concerns a movie called Ten Canoes that Heather and I saw tonight. I've searched imdb.com and there apparently aren't any plans to release this film in the States, but if you see it anywhere, on the screen or video, check it out. It is an Australian made film telling an Aboriginal story, and the first to be shot in an Aboriginal language, although there is an additional Storyteller "voice over" at times. It is revealing of Aboriginal thought and manner towards other people and their society, the land, storytelling, the past and life in general. It is entertaining and enlightening; thought provoking and funny. If you get a chance to see it, don't pass it up--it's a rare opportunity to learn about original Australian life.

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