04 August 2006

Year One: What I don't miss about the USA

Here's a followup to my previous post--if there are things I miss, there are a few things I don't miss, too.
  1. Pennies and one dollar bills. It drove me crazy on my trip back having a pocket full of useless pennies and a wallet stuffed with singles. There is a movement to lose the penny in the US--support it. Rounding to the nearest nickel on cash transactions is wonderful. And while you are at it, recommend replacing the dollar bill with one and two dollar coins. If you are going to carry around all that change, at least make it worth something.
  2. $3/gal gas. And consider yourself lucky--it's the equivalent of US$6/gal here.
  3. Traffic. Yes, we have traffic here, too. But with a decent public transportation option, I don't have to drive a car. No matter how bad the streets are, trains keep moving right along.
  4. Large portions. You don't need that much food. Really.

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patrick said...

Hey Chris. I believe cash will be non-existent soon here stateside. I already pay for most everything with a debit card and never have cash with me. However, I do hate pennies and one dollar bills if I have them.

How's the Mac running?