12 September 2006

Ben Folds at the Sydney Opera House

Last Thursday, after thirteen months in Australia, Heather and I finally attended a performance at the Sydney Opera House. Ben Folds performed with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. It was a great show, highlighted by 'Brick,' 'Landed,' 'Jesusland,' 'All U Can Eat,' 'The Luckiest' and 'Smoke.' Not sure six songs qualifies as a 'highlight,' but it was that good. It was our first time to see Ben Folds, but from what I've heard about his concerts, he was his typical, interactive and amiable self. The orchestral arrangements for his songs were a perfect accompaniment. We were sitting on the side, right above the orchestra. It was interesting to see them play--a new appreciation of their talents. We thought we were also going to have a good view of Ben when we sat down since he would be facing our direction at the piano. The conductor ruined this when he stepped directly in our line of sight, but as this didn't stop us from actually hearing anything, all is forgiven. There were questions about what to wear to a performance by an informal Ben Folds at the formal Sydney Opera House. We split the difference--khakis and a sweater. As it turns out, there were jeans and tshirts and suits and ties in attendance and everything in between.

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