30 September 2006

Free Hugs Guy

This is a video from YouTube about Juan Mann, the 'Free Hugs Guy'. He primarily hangs out at the Pitt Street Mall, just a few minutes from our apartment. I've seen him down there a few times. This video was put together by the Australian band the Sick Puppies and has taken off on YouTube, quickly surpassing one million views.

This second video is a local news report about Juan Mann and briefly details his story, primarily his run-in with city council.

Towards the end of the video a girl calls for a meeting at noon on Monday to 'hug the whole city'. That's this Monday--it's Labour Day here. Heather and I will unfortunately miss this potential meeting, but if there is any local coverage of it, I'll pass it on. For the moment, there is an article here in the Sydney Morning Herald.

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