14 October 2006

Australian advertisements (ad VUR tis muhnts)

Got a few clips from Australian TV for you today. This fist ad cracks me up and Heather doesn't understand why. It's for Big Pond, Telstra's broadband service.

There is a slightly longer version with the kid slapping his forehead to slick his hair down at the end, but it's not on YouTube. The second and third ads were run by the AFL this year. They both feature Barry Hall Hall, a fictitious AFL university run by Sydney Swans star AFL. They are similar to the Bristol University ads ESPN used to run. At the :38 mark you can hear a few seconds of the fight song, 'borrowed' from Notre Dame.

This commercial is part of a series for Nova, a radio station here in Sydney. They use the same video, but add different audio to create a different circumstance. This particular video is a fine example of what a majority of the people here think of Canberra. Not sure what it has to do with a radio station, however. Their current videos are set at a boxing press conference, but this one is on a commercial airplane.

What are the funniest ads during the Super Bowl? It's no different here. Here are two ads, one for Carlton, the second for Tooheys.

This is a portion of an ad run by Channel Seven in July before the Rugby Union match between the Wallabies and the New Zealand All Blacks. A few months earlier, Tana Umaga, All Blacks captain, had hit a teammate with a handbag belonging to another patron after their loss in the Super 14s Grand Final.

As it turned out, instead of carrying handbags during the haka performed at the advertised match, the All Blacks added a throat slash to the routine. Go here for a video of a New Zealand news piece about the commercial, including clips and discussion of other commercials in this heated rivalry.
No big surprise: the handbag was auctioned off, generating over a million hits and eventually selling for AU$19 200 (US$14,400).

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