13 October 2006

Google Maps: Canberra

If you aren't using Google Maps yet, what are you waiting for? And no, I don't mean Google Earth. Google Maps is the greatest mapping program on the internet. Delete all bookmarks for MapQuest or anything else you use. It has three views: map, satellite and hybrid. It is easy to manipulate the map. But the best feature is one search box. No multiple boxes for start/destination/street/city etc. One box. You want to look at the Statue of Liberty? Type it. You want directions from your house to the Statue? Type it. You want to know where all the Domino's Pizzas are in your town? Type it. I bring all this up because Google Maps finally has Australia up, although you can't get directions from it yet. But you can get pictures of locations, so I would like to refer you to an overhead satellite image of Parliament House in Canberra. I mentioned a week ago that it was built under a hill and we walked on top of it on our visit there. Compare the map image to the image on that previous post to get an idea what it's like.


Heather said...

Put up a map showing where our house is.

Heather said...

Wait, nevermind. I forgot about creepy internet stalkers.