08 October 2006

The second greatest website

Number one is LR of course, but last Friday I found a close second, especially if you are a runner/walker/cyclist. Check out favoriterun.com. Once you sign up for a free username, you can enter and save courses using a Google Maps template. It will tell you the exact distance of the course, and once you start logging runs/walks/rides, it can track times and give you averages. You can search for other local courses as well. And if you are lucky enough to have one of those Garmin GPS things, you can sync it and do other things I don't even know about. Check out my Domain Loop course that I ran while training for the SMH half marathon.
Hardhat zone: blogger.com has upgraded their service and I am in the process of getting LR moved over. There are a few improvements available when I get it completed, but if you check in here in the next few days and things look a little funny, that's why. All post content should be available, but layout or colours might be off, especially in the sidebar.
One last note: Andrew in Colorado found LR this weekend and posted a comment about the AFL Grand Final that was automatically deleted by someone with Blogger. Andrew, it wasn't me and thanks for your comments. For the rest of you, he provided a link to his blog The Gunsmoke Files, specifically to a post about his experience with the AFL Grand Final a few years back. Good reading--check it out.

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