18 December 2006

Ashes reclaimed

Australia has won the third test by 206 runs, taking an insurmountable 3-0 lead in the Ashes Series. Heather is actually disappointed--she was hoping they would clinch it when we are at the test in Melbourne next week. You can read more about the test in Perth here. Plus, espn.com has had news from the Series under their Spotlight the past few days. It's a link to cricinfo.com, but still, it's something. This photo (notice the tiny little replica urn in the middle) was taken from the Cricket Australia website--take a look at the complete slideshow. It includes some great shots from the WACA. Five points if you can tell me what that stands for.


Anonymous said...

According to google, that would be Western Australia Cricket Association. I cheat, so what!

Chris said...

That isn't cheating--it's research. Five points to Dad.