07 December 2006

Why America needs more social programs and a decent minimum wage

Read 'I hate my job' on dallasnews.com.
This is the type of situation I was referring to a few weeks ago in WWJV and Republican 'values'. It is the real-life story of a woman who is struggling to make it. Yes, she has made mistakes in her past, but she has also gotten no favors from America. She has goals, she works hard, but odds are she will continue to struggle to get by for the rest of her life.
This article points out other problems with society, of course. The fast food industry. Drugs. Immigration issues. Simple human decency. These are tough problems--there are no easy answers. But just looking at Gloria's life, as well as that of her husband and two kids--doesn't she deserve better from America?


defrank said...

there´s a hell of a lot of social problems in America, they´ll be found in some other blogs I guess

paul said...

so are you thinking of a career in politics when you get back to the states?

Chris said...

Not. A. Chance.