02 December 2006

Your 2006 NSW state champions

The Sydney Uni Lions played UTS Gridiron in the Waratah Bowl tonight and emerged victorious, 34-26. This is the fourth straight state title for the Lions. It was a hard fought game, but the final score does not reflect how it really played out. With six minutes to go, we were up 34-20 with the ball on the three yard line and a first down, but the offense was unable to punch it in to seal the game. UTS took over but stalled at midfield. We got the ball back and tried to run out the clock, but were forced to punt with 1:20 to go. A UTS player fielded the ball in the endzone and was chased out the back of the endzone, which should have been a safety. Instead, for some reason, UTS was given the ball at the 15 (the field was only 80 yards long). Not sure how that one worked. On their first play, they went over the top for the long TD, pulling within eight. After a missed extra point and a failed onside kick, we ran out the clock.
I've enjoyed playing this season. I've met some great guys, had some fun and collected a medal. Takes some of the sting off my fantasy football season. But next year, I think I'll give cricket a try. More to come on that later.


patrick said...

Maybe foottball there is different, but as long as the player catches the ball in the endzone he should be able to run out the back and it be a touchback. It's just like the ball going into the endzone on any other punt.

Chris said...

Exactly. In our game, the player bobbled the punt, recovered it near the goal line, then retreated into the end zone. I think the refs were being generous and said he fielded the ball inside the end zone then ran out, thus the touchback. Looked to me like he controlled the ball outside, and he certainly first misplayed it well outside the end zone.

patrick said...

Gotcha. That definitely should have been a safety. Good to hear you guys won regardless. Congrats!