12 February 2007

Bruny Island

While in Tasmania, we booked a trip with Bruny Island Charters, a company that conducts tours around Bruny Island, just down the coast from Hobart. We looked at all the options, but Heather finally decided on this one because it offered the best of everything. Cruisers allow time to see things but don't cover much area, while the jet boats cover a lot, but you don't really see any of it. Bruny Island Charter's boats get you from one location to another quickly, but take some time at each one to enjoy it. One of the first things we did was shoot this gap--it felt like there was only a couple of feet to spare on each side.
The next highlight was Breathing Rock. Basically, it is a cave in the rock right at water level. As the waves crash in and out, the cave sucks the water in, then expels it in a huge white mist. We caught this sight on the way back in, too. Enjoy the video.

When we visited Seal Rock at Phillip Island, we didn't see any actual seals. Fortunately, Bruny Island Charters delivered, a couple hundred in fact. Unfortunately, they also delivered the smell. That I could have done without. But it was nice to finally see them and watch them play in the water. Five or six were in the water greeting us tourists. Or cooling themselves. Whatever.
I had a better video, but it has somehow disappeared. This one is kind of shaky, but you get the idea.

The cruise was three hours, and by the end of the trip, we were both pretty tired. Thankfully, a bus drove us back to Hobart rather than having to drive ourselves.
Next time you're in Tasmania, give Bruny Island Charters a call. Two koala thumbs up.

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