20 February 2007

Things to do in Hobart

Other than the things already mentioned, I wanted to finish up the Tasmania information with a few more things to do in Hobart.

Visit the harbour.
It's very nice--lots of old boats and great views. We even had 'HarbourCam' on the TV in our room. That was useful--Heather would ask what the weather was like, and I would flip over to HarbourCam to check it out.
Eat at Fishy Business. Or any of the other fish-n-chips spots on the harbour, but my choice was Fishy Business. You can get a lot of good seafood for ten dollars. There is a row of four or five fish-n-chips shops that are actually boats floating on the water. You walk up on the dock to the window and place your order. Just don't drop your money.

Scale Mount Wellington. Or if you prefer, drive. And bring some warm clothing--even in the summer, it's cold up there. And don't look down on the drive up, especially if you are the one driving. Hobart has a population of 200 000, but it doesn't look like much from the peak.
Pet a small horse. Or if one isn't around, just find a giant dog.
See an albatross on Seven Mile Beach. Impressive even though it is actually only five and a half. It's right by the airport, so if you have a couple of hours to kill before your flight like we did, talk a walk on the beach. Lots of scallop shells.

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