09 February 2007

Cadbury Factory

While in Hobart, we visited the Cadbury Factory, which Heather had looked forward to for months. She was imagining something along the lines of Willy Wonka, and although we didn't see any Oompa Loompas or chocolate rivers, she enjoyed the tour nonetheless. She was disappointed that health codes now prevent tour participants from sampling off of the line, though.
One of her proudest moments on the tour was noticing an unfamiliar candy, pointing it out to me and telling me it was new. Just a few moments later, our tour guide confirmed this, revealing it was a new offering called Cherry Bliss. You should have seen Heather's look of satisfaction.
Another highlight of the tour was the factory shop at the end. You might not be able to sample off of the assembly line, but you can buy seconds there, $5 for 600 grams. The seconds have been rejected because they are a little too heavy or too light, are stuck together, or some other minor cosmetic defect. No contamination or anything--we learned that those candies go to local farms and into pig and cattle feed. Not sure what I think about that. Anyway, we stocked up on Heather's favourite, Cherry Ripe, to the point of the cashier commenting, 'Wow, you must really like Cherry Ripe.' We are just now nearing the end of our stash, and I think we are both getting a little sick of it. Too much of a good thing.
The final highlight of the tour is the lovely hairnets we had to wear on tour, and I'm sure I don't have to point out my beardnet, too. Eat Cadbury chocolate without fear, folks: they take their stray hairs very seriously.

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