04 February 2008

I shot a 79 at Pebble Beach

While in Texas, I played a couple rounds of golf with my dad and father-in-law. Nothing unusual about that. What made these rounds special was the courses--we played Torrey Pines, followed a week later with Pebble Beach.

OK, we had a little help with that. Enter Texas Indoor Golf, which is appropriately named, since it is an indoor golf facility. We spent most of our round at Torrey Pines trying to figure out how much of this was like real golf and how much was like a video game, but all three of us improved for our round at Pebble, highlighted with my 79. Not too shabby, given that I usually struggle to break 100. (The secret? Ten foot gimmes.)

Is it as good as playing on a real course? Well, no, but it's a great way to get a round in even when it's cold outside. And while I think the regular price of $40 is a bit high, their $15 special on NFL Sundays is a great deal. So next time your in Grapevine, Texas and it's cold/rainy out, drop on by, and tell them Chris sent you. They won't have a clue who you are talking about.


Karen said...

I noticed your 'I'm voting for Barack' tag, but can you vote? I am ignorant on the subject of Americans' voting rights when they live abroad. Just curious.

Chris said...

Unfortunately, since Australia was founded as a penal colony, we are officially considered 'criminals' by Elections Officers in Texas and forfeit our right to vote.

I'm kidding.

Actually, I just got off the phone with the Tarrant County EO to request our mail in ballots. We also did this for the 2006 midterm elections. All that is required is to print a form from their website requesting a ballot, they mail it to you, you fill it out and mail it back.